Press Tech

3904 Springbranch Dr.
 Ft. Worth, TX 76116
cell 817-235-7341



Since 1996! Your source for Press parts, dryer parts, repair service, used equipment, installs, shop moving, shop layouts, and consulting for textile screen printing and support. 

E-mail is the preferred way of contact especially for parts list and for new customer information at the above e-mail address.

Our Mission

To assist TEXTILE screen printers with the problems they face in the TEXTILE SCREEN PRINTING industry with their equipment in an honest and easy understandable way. Along with parts and service, you will have a place to turn to for free consulting for the questions you may have from a technicians view.

Company Profile

PRESS TECH was started in July of 1996 after 3 1/2 years of being a dealer technician with M&R equipment training and 8 1/2 years of actual screen printing/production manager experience before that.  Parts are stocked for M&R textile equipment and for a few other textile equipment manufacturers as well.

The preferred way of payment is online through the secure QuickBooks payment system and it's free.


New accounts must e-mail full business information with acct. dept. e-mail address.

3.1%+ service charge of total invoice for use of PayPal.


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