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Our service rate schedule.  Emergency, Holiday, and Night Service Available for Screen Textile Printing Equipment

Service - regular hours are 8am to 5pm Repair of equipment, maintenance, installation, etc. 80.00
Service-night / weekend Same as above but in an emergency situation. 110.00
Service-holiday Same as above but on holidays. 125.00
Teardown Teardown of equipment for moving. 50.00
Consulting Advise on equipment purchases, shop layout, training on equipment operation and/or maintenance, loading of equipment on shipments. 40.00
Travel time Drive time to and from shop location. Driving is the preferred way of travel due to the situation with air travel plus all tools and numerous parts will be available if needed. 45.00
Fuel charge Fuel charge @ 14 miles/gal (total miles divided by 14 x current price) varies
Travel by air Actual cost of airline ticket. Air travel will only be for a one shop trip. Can be purchased by customer but flight times will be determined by Press Tech along with choice of airline. varies
Car rental Actual car rental fee. varies
Lodging Actual lodging charged to one specific shop or divided between several shops on a multiple trip. varies
  • Sustenance is not charged to the customer but lunch arrangements are the responsibility of the customer on air travel only. Business dinners are an option of the customer.
  • Driving travel time will be divided between customers on trips to that area. No exceptions, no free rides. It's only the fair way that Press Tech will handle the situation.
  • Install of equipment-Payment is due at time of install.
  • Regular service is due NET 15 if open account is in good standing.  All other service is due on completion.


Sieggy's Service Sieggy Aichele Atlanta, GA 678-938-3937 ex M & R, Anatol, Progressive, All around tech
I Get R Done Joe Hanson Austin, TX 512-636-4362 All around tech
Gary Kilgore Gary Kilgore Kansas City, MO 816-809-3877 ex M & R, ex American, All around tech
Mozen Services Mohammed Shihadeh Newark, NJ 201-675-1725 ex Precision, All around tech
Your Press Wright Kyle Wright Newark, CA 510-376-4555 ex M & R, ex American, All around tech


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