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Tech Tips From Press Tech


When searching for a building for your print shop, the most important thing to research is the electricity. You must have at least 400 amps for the average small shop with either single (1PH) or three phase (3PH) for dryers and compressors (10HP compressors and up are 3PH) and 600 amps (3PH) for larger shops depending on the amount of equipment. Water and sewer location is also important screen prep.  


When buying equipment over the internet or through a broken, research the equipment and the seller the best you can.  Call printing associates or technicians that you know to try and locate some information about the buy.  Be sure and get the finalization in writing with serial number if possible and full description of what will be in the purchase and accessories of the equipment.  M&R equipment has a machine number stamped on it which can be backed into to get an idea of when the unit was made.  The most important documentation is, if there is a warranty, state what is covered and for how long with covering details like how payment of services are made. When it starts and ends needs to be stated which recommend to start at install completion. 


To keep a press clean, wipe it down with cheap baby oil. Periodically re-wipe it with an oily rag to remove tack and lint and to recoat with fresh oil. To clean a dirty press, mix 50/50 mineral spirits/paint thinner with lacquer thinner to remove dried tack. ONLY use mineral spirits to clean the control panel to prevent removing information and damaging plastic components. Spray tack is very damaging to the press resulting in premature failure of components and costly repairs. Roll-on water base tack is cleaner and more cost effective.  


It should be replaced every 3 yrs and no longer than 5 yrs on Omron and Mitsubishi (where applicable) CPU's to prevent lose of the program memory which will be very costly to replace.


To help prevent power spikes and outages that could damage the CPU of printing presses, connect the press supply cord into a COMPUTER battery back-up which will arrest power spikes and allow ample time to shut down the press.  


It's important to keep water from entering the filter unit. When it does, drain often until problem is fixed. If water travels into the lubricator, it will mix with the oil into a slime which will clog up the pick-up tube and stop oil flow. Blowing compressed air into the pick-up sometimes will dislodge the restriction and oil will then flow into the air stream. A filter unit with an automatic drain will discharge water when water builds up.


The mufflers on all valves can become clogged over time which can cause cylinders they drive to operate slow and not at full strength. The speed control mufflers on Mosier index cylinders can become clogged quicker in their position from spray tack forming on the outside. When erratic action is present, replace mufflers and speed mufflers.


Presses that have SMC valves should have an incoming air pressure set at 100 lbs to prevent blowing out seals in the valves.


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