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Falcon From Press Tech

Payment terms are NET 15 or due on receipt from date of invoice and the payment is to be received by the due date on the invoice for open accounts only.  If these terms can not be met, then terms will change to PayPal from that point on because of experience of previous accounts that were slow pay.  There is no longer any COD shipping which was replaced by PayPal.  Parts that require exchange will be received  prior to sending replacement part.  Press Tech also purchases parts that can be re-built such as screen holders, squeegee clamps, etc.  Parts will not be shipped outside of the USA unless through a holding house within the USA and payment is made before shipment.


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B-press base parts, E-electrical, F-fasteners, H-press head components, K-knobs & levers, P-pneumatic components, T-press table components

Item Image Description Price
EFSA912D 10-10-005-A quartz flash unition combo pallet sensor Quartz flash unit (combo) pallet sensor (SM2A912A) Banner more sensors more solutions 15.00
EPB00172 10-11-026-A Print Push Button Print push button switch Carling Technologies Innovative Designs Powerful Solutions Switches 10.25
ESOD0011 10-11-025-A single Double Switch Single/double switch ON/OFF/ON SPDT Carling Technologies Innovative Designs Powerful Solutions Switches 8.25
PSV7120L Squeegee Valve Squeegee valve SY120-5LZ-N11T-F2 SMC 89.00


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