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Purchase recommendations

Before Buying

Before buying a piece of equipment, it is a good idea to talk to someone who knows the insides and out of equipment.  All equipment that is available is good or it wouldn't be on the market but there are some that are better than others.  The best person for that information is an independent technician over a salesman. They are more qualified because they know how the equipment works.  A printer is another good choice only if they have used several different types instead of just one.  

When Buying

When buying used automatic equipment, try to get the history of repairs, maintenance, serial number, etc. of the unit.  An independent technician may know of that or knows another tech that does.  It pays to ask.  Also inquire about all accessories that came with it and are they still present such as manuals and registration devices, etc.  

Check Rating

If purchasing an air system along with the press, be sure that it is one that is rated for that machine or higher.  Used air compressors aren't always the best buy.  Sometimes it is better to pay the extra cost for a new compressor and air dyer (chiller) so the correct air supply will be available and you have a warranty and maintenance guidance for long term use.   

Choice between re-builder and broker

I have printed and work on several types of equipment and installed equipment from several different sources.  My choice is to buy from a re-builder over a broker.  Many times a broker has never seen the equipment and not knowing the condition, it can and has been a surprise on some occasions.  Unless the equipment is personally known, I recommend staying away from that source unless the price is too hard to bare.   With a re-builder, which is more expensive, it will be just short of a new unit.  They are usually cleaned, repainted and components that don't pass are replaced.  You will also have a warranty with it.


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