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Through the years of servicing and observing different types of printing equipment, Press Tech has developed devices that aid in more efficient printing and increased production.  Some of these ideas come from customers who would like a feature that is only on a newer model or bigger model of their machine.  There are many satisfied customers of these time savers.  Also, there are re-designs to avoid the need to replace components that can be repaired or eliminate failures.  All components in this section can found in their corresponding section.

The Stroker

This time saver device was the idea of several customers with Gauntlets of the earlier era who could not set the stroke length of their press like on the Challenger.  Developed in 1997 and put into production in Jan. 1998, it has proven to be an aid in increasing production from the customers who have purchased it.  Made of chromed steel, this unit will withstand the daily production load that is required of it.  Easy and quick to install, it comes with a head shock and a clamp-on flag to trigger the proximity switch at end of the cycle.

The easiest way to mount is when there is no air in the press so the carriage will slide back and forth.  Move the  carriage to the front position, mount the Stroker in the  desired position by moving the carriage by hand of the stroke length for the print size required.  Slide the unit onto the head tube and insert the lockdown lever making sure the side strap is flush to the side of the head tube. Lock the unit down when the position is determined.  With the unit set, push the carriage against the shock which will be the end of the print travel and clip the flag onto the metal airline supply tube so the flag covers the proximity switch. This set-up is for short images such as left chest, pockets, etc.  By reversing this procedure and turning the Stroker around, the stroke travel can be set for a short print on the lower section of the garment

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Quick release flash mount

A real time saver for changing a flash unit from one head to another or removing a flash unit to return a head to print mode.  Once a press is outfitted with this system, it becomes a no-tools flash change.  Another feature is eliminating the chances of stripping out the bolt holes in the side casting from numerous flash changes.  This system only works on the Omni-Uni flash and CX flash which 1/2"-20 mounting rods.  For the Omni-Uni flash, the mounts will work with original 2 piece mounting rods but not very well.  It is recommended that they be replaced with 1/2"-20x12" rods (FCX00012) or complete rod assembly (FOUF012F).  Once a head or heads are fitted with the mounting tubes, the flash can be set to a designated height and be the same setting in all other heads with mounting tubes.  A pair of safety washers is provided for each flash unit that will be used in this process.

 When assembled as shown in the diagram, adjust height by the cross knob and top set nut, then jam the bottom jam nut against the top nut.  As long as the nuts are set in this position, the height will not change during removal.  Just un-screw cross knob enough so safety washer will clear the safety pin and dismount the flash unit.

HSP0REPR - Repair of broken flip-up screen holders.

There is no need to throw away these broken units anymore from your older Gauntlets and Challengers. SAVE the money on a new unit and send your broken one in to be repaired. It will be welded at the break in a jig and added straps will be welded at the stress points for added strength.


DGB0140K - Dryer grease block kit

Auxiliary grease block assembly is a must to prevent blower bearing failure on Sprint dryers. The driven bearing fails because the grease supply line travels through the burner chamber causing the grease to solidify due to the extreme temperature. PRESS TECH designed this problem solver to extend the life of these bearings. The kit comes with all necessary components to complete the conversion. This process needs to be done at the time of replacement of the bearing. The kit is (DGB0140K) for all Sprint dryers and the copper tubing to complete the kit is (PCT00014) and this is ordered by belt width of dryer as follows: 48" belt-60" (5'), 60" belt-72" (6'), 72" belt-84" (7') of tubing.  

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Do to the fact that Mosier was bought out by Norgren years ago, the replacement parts prices are getting out of hand. This is a way to discourage sales of these parts to force sales of newer cylinders. The replacement cylinders are not equal in performance and durability of the original Mosier. The valve system is the key factor to the higher cost. Eventually, these parts will be discontinued all together. Now there is a replacement cylinder from Schrader that is equal and with an external valve system so that failed components can be replaced individually at a lower cost. The valves are made by MAC which are in stock always. This new cylinder also makes it possible for those who have the older M&R presses with Tolomatic index cylinders can now do a retro-fit index system like the later presses. Just call PRESS TECH for details. Check the Gauntlet page and soon the Challenger page for pricing.

The pictures below show a '91 Gauntlet 8 color 10 station originally equipped with a Tolomatic indexer retro-fitted with a rod cylinder index system formally known as a Mosier system. This is what it looks like with the Schrader index cylinder and Mac index valves.

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