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M&R Gauntlets From Press Tech

Payment terms are NET 15 or due on receipt from date of invoice and the payment is to be received by the due date on the invoice for open accounts only.  If these terms can not be met, then terms will change to PayPal from that point on because of experience of previous accounts that were slow pay.  There is no longer any COD shipping which was replaced by PayPal.  Parts that require exchange will be received  prior to sending replacement part.  Press Tech also purchases parts that can be re-built such as screen holders, squeegee clamps, etc.  Parts will not be shipped outside of the USA unless through a holding house within the USA and payment is made before shipment.

If you don't find what you need here or need parts for another brand of equipment, check out my pal Rick at for those parts.

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The first 4 digits of the 9 digit serial number indicates when the press was built by month then year.

Some images are available in larger sized. Click on  image to see if it is available in full size

GTS-O [GT '90-'92, GTS '92-'96 approx. dates] ['87-92 tolomatic index drive, '92-96 Mosier index drive] O=Omron CPU        
GTS-M '96-? [Mosier/Norgren index drive] M=Mitsubishi CPU        
GTR GTR-O '92-'93 [Mosier index drive] O=Omron CPU        
GTR-M '93-'99 [Mosier index drive] M=Mitsubishi CPU        
  GTII '96-Present [Servo index drive] Mitsubishi CPU        
  GTRS  '97-? [Air index drive] Mitsubishi CPU        

B-press base parts, E-electrical, F-fasteners, H-press head components, K-knobs & levers, P-pneumatic components, T-press table components.  Prices subject to change without notice

Item Image Description Price
BIBORFL16 Index Brushing o-ring Index bushing o-ring FL-16 (126) $1.25
BIBOFL16 Index brushing without rings Index bushing w/o-rings GT-all w/Mosier cyl Pacific Bearings $41.00
BIPGT608 (8050251D) - Index slide (capture fork) plate GT-all  
BIS118X1E (3025000)   Enertrol 1-1/8"x1" index shock w/o stop collar GT tolomactic index cylinder (body is 3" diam) $586.00
BIS34X1E (3025001) 3/4"x1" index shock w/o stop collar GT-all w/aiEnertrols Inc Energy Control Through Linear Deccelerationr indexer (body is 2 1/4" diam) $265.00
BLS00275 (9080215) Lift cylinder rod compression spring GT, GTII $8.00
BRB11834 (9050260) Reducer bushing for index Reducer bushing for 3/4" index shock in place of 1-1/8" index shock GT-all w/air indexer $55.00
BSJN0034 (3025001A) 3/4" Index shock jam nut GT-all Enertrols Inc Energy Control Through Linear Decceleration $11.00
BSJN0118 (3025000A) 1-1/8" Index shock jam nut GT-all Enertrols Inc Energy Control Through Linear Decceleration $14.00
BSP00382 (3033021) Shock stop collar GT Central off contact spring plunger latch GT-all $28.00
BSSC0034 (8051259) 3/4" Index shock stop collar GT-all Enertrols Inc Energy Control Through Linear Decceleration $49.00
BSSC0118 (8051260A) 1-1/8" Index shock stop collar GT-all Enertrols Inc Energy Control Through Linear Decceleration $59.00
BTRC3416 (8050253) CK Batter GT 3/4"-16ODx7/16"-20x1-3/4"L [threaded rod connector for RA-44 to index plate] GT-all w/mosier index drive $22.00
EBT0CK08 (1017016) CK battery GT-O all [date is on battery when made]Omron $70.00
EBTF40BL (1017259) Mitsubishi battery F2-40BL for CPU FX2N-60MR GTRSMitsubishi Electric $70.00
ECBST01R (10100002A) BST-001 N/C E/stop contact block, selector switch, re-set switch (RED) GT-all $7.00
ECBST10G (10100002B) BST-010 N/O E/stop, selector switch, re-set switch (GREEN) GT-all $7.00
ECBSTD00 Dummy contact block for e/stop, selector switch, re-set switch [has no terminal screw contacts] GT-all $0.40
ECMID212 (1017001) - Omron ID212 input module C200H GTR-O CALL
ECMLK201 (1017013A) - Omron LK201 link module C200H GTR-O CALL
ECMMD215 (1017005) MD215 input/ output module C200H GTR-OOmron CALL
ECMOC222 (1017002) - Omron OC222 output module C200H GTR-O CALL
ECPMR831 (1017004) - Omron MR831 memory module/battery back-up C200H GTR-O CALL
ECPU200HR (1017000) C200H CPU01-E CPU re-built GTR-O [OBSOLETE AS NEW]Omron CALL
ECPUC40KR (1017000) C40K CPU re-built GT-O6/8 [OBSOLETE AS NEW] Omron CALL
ECPUC60K (1017008) C60K CPU re-built GT-O8/10 [OBSOLETE AS NEW]Omron CALL
ECRRH2B1 (1011005) Relay RH2BUL-120VAC 8 pin GTIIIDEC $13.00
ECRRH4B1 (1011021) - Double pole RH4BUL-120VAC 14 pin GTIIIDEC $0.00
EDD31022 (1013003) LED digital diagnostic display GTR-OEAO Swithc Corporation $73.00
EDP4001F Diode set with fork terminal end-[from thumbwheel to print start/print finish switch] GT-O-all $5.50
EDP4001M Diode set with male spade terminal connector-[from thumbwheel to no-shirt detector] GT-O-all $5.50
EDS1N3F3 Diode set for single/double print switch GT-all $8.50
EESAO301 (3010000)  E-stop push/push complete switch GT-O all, GTR-MIDEC $42.00
EESAYW40 (1010040) AYW401-R E/stop push/pull complete switch GTS-MIDEC $0.00
EESV4F01C (10160057) HW1B-V4F01-R E/stop push/turn complete switch GTS-MIDEC $26.50
EFC00C90 Fan cord plug for 2 prong fan GTII $3.00
EFG00003 3" wire fan guard GT-all $2.50
EFG00004 4" wire fan guard GTII $2.50
EFN115V3 (1009001) 3" cooling fan 115V GT-all $27.00
EFN115V4 (1009000) 4" cooling fan 115V GTII $29.00
EFNON001 NON 1 amp fan fuse GT-all Bussmann $2.00
EFNON1/2 NON 1/2 amp fan fuse GT-allBussmann out of stock
EILP60GD (1013001) Green control panel indicator lamp w/resistor GT-O allLumex Creating LED and LCD Solutions Together Logo $3.50
ELP115RD (1013000) 115V RED power lamp GT-O all $4.50
EMA07803 (1010007) Manual/automatic switch and print start/print finish switch GT-allEaton switches $31.00
EOO2112R (1017158) On/On print head switch w/red light GTRS, GTIINKK switches $12.00
EOO2113YG (1017157) see above On/Off/On single/double switch w/ yelloe/green lights GTRS, GTII $15.00
EPB00172 (1010006) Print push button switch GT-all Carling Technologies Innovative Designs Powerful Solutions Switches $9.25
EPC0H7EC (1017006) Pprint counter [replaces obsolete H7EC-BLM model] GT-O all $49.00
EPP03180 (1020034) No-shirt detector 3 pin plug [black-pin #1 wire #3; red+green-pin #2 wire #4; white-pin #3 signal wire OR blue-pin #1 wire #3; pink+brown-pin #2 wire #4; black-pin #3 signal wire for MICRO FE7C-RC6G-M sensor] GT-all, GTII $11.00
EPS04180 (1020035) No-shirt detector 3 pin socket [see above for wiring] GT-all, GTII $8.50
ERP12GMP (1010223) 4-prong round screw in prox switch 12mm NPN NO GTRS, GTII $22.00
ERPCYE2M (1010224) 4 pin plug-in round prox switch cable 2M long GTRSPepperl Fuchs $13.00
ERPCYE5M (1010224L) SEE ABOVE 4 pin plug-in round prox switch cable 5M long GTIIPepperl Fuchs $16.00
ERPGM53A (1010012) Round prox 3 wire w/terminal ends [blue-#3, brown-#4, black-signal (double digit #)][other brands black-#3, red-#4, white-signal (double digit#)] GT-all, GTIIPepperl Fuchs $33.00
ERS0SH2B (1011006) Relay socket for RH2BB 8 pin relay GTIIIDEC $9.00
ERS110NG (1010001) Reset switch ABD110N-G 1-blank,1-N/O [GREEN] contact GT-O allIDEC $27.00
ESC028FR (8050121) Safety cord right w/female end GT-all, GTII $31.00
ESC028ML (8050120) Safety cord left w/male end GT-all, GTII $26.00
ESC50MFC (8050101) Safety cord male/female 50" GT8-all $36.00
ESC52MFC (8050160) Safety cord male/female 52" GT6-all $36.00
ESOD0011 (1010011) Single/Double print switch ON/OFF/ON SPDT GT-allCarling Technologies Innovative Designs Powerful Solutions Switches $8.25
ESPF732A (1010005) Square proximity switch w/terminals ends w/2 meter cord GT-all $24.00
ESPF735A (1010005) Square proximity switch w/terminal ends w/5 meter cord [blue-#3, brown-#4, black-signal (double digit #)][other brands black-#3, red-#4, white-signal (double digit#)] GTII $28.00
ESR01200 (7006000) Strain relief bushing for safety cords GT-all $0.50
ESS3L20N ASD3L20N 3 position selector switch body for Test/SingleIndex/DoubleIndex GT8-OIDEC $11.00
EFR10013 (1010013) Front/Rear-Test Print-On/Off power switch SPST GT-allCarling Technologies Innovative Designs Powerful Solutions Switches $6.50
ETW6502A (1010010) Dwell timer thumbwheel switch GT-O-allDatex Instruments Inc $48.00
EVR175DC (1023000) Varistor V130LA10A GTII $2.00
EWT00004 Wire tie 4" type I class $0.05
EWT1614F (1003006) BLUE female spade terminal end 14-16 GAPanduit $0.80
EWT1614M (1003007) BLUE male spade terminal end 14-16 GA. Datex Instruments IncPanduit $0.80
EWT2216F (1003008) RED female flanged block fork terminal end 18-22 GA. #6 stud $0.15
EWT2218F (1003005) RED female spade terminal end 18-22 GA. Panduit $0.50
EWT2218M (1003004) RED male spade terminal end 18-22 GA. Panduit $0.50
FAB12214 (3047001) 1/2" concrete anchor bolt $1.25
FAB51625 (3047000) 5/16" concrete anchor bolt $1.00
FBH01412 (3001005) BHC screw 1/4"-20x1/2" carrige top plate screws GT-all $0.25
FBH01458 (3001010) BHC screw 1/4"-20x5/8" swing plate to micro plate $0.20
FBH05161 (3001007) BHC screw 5/16"-18x1" $0.35
FBH3824P (3001078) BHC screw 3/8"-24x1 1/2" [Alternative for broken pallet leveling studs on end of pallet arm. Must be welded on.] GT-all $1.00
FCS01024 10-24x1/2" Press base cover hex screw GT-all $0.10
FCS10258 (3009045) SHCS 10-24X5/8" Index pillow block mount screws GT air index-all $0.25
FCS1032L SHCS 10-32x1 1/2" Index valve mount GT-all $0.25
FCS1420M (3009018) SHCS 1/4"-20x1 1/4" cap screw capture fork cyl mount $0.25
FCS38161 (3009000) SCHS 3/8"-16x1" cap screw $0.50
FCS38162 (3009073) SCHS 3/8"-16x2" full thread registration bolt GT-all $2.00
FCS51681 (3009003) SHCS 5/16"-18x1" stroke cylinder clevis mount GT-all $0.25
FCS83234 (3009032) SHCS 8-32x3/4" air lock cylinder mount GT-all, GTII $0.25
FCT00001 1" carpet tape (double stick) [for mounting index pillow mounts to index slide plate (5.5" needed per block)] per inch $0.20
FFC14201 (3010005) 1/4"-20x1" Flat head cap screw-head end plate top screw GT-all $0.25
FFS63212 (3004002) 6-32X1/2" Flat head cabinet panel screw $0.10
FFW00014 (3020005) 1/4" Flat washer SAE $0.05
FFW00038 (3020010) 3/8" Flat washer USS $0.10
FFW00058 (3020024) 5/8" Flat washer USS index bearing $0.30
FFW00078 (3020009) 7/8" Flat washer USS index bearing $0.35
FFW0012L (3020004) 1/2" Flat washer USS head and arm mounting $0.15
FFW0012S (3021000) 1/2" Flat washer SAE head and are mounting $0.10
FFW00516 (3020007) 5/16" Flat washer USS $0.10
FFWM10SS #10SS Flat washer 13/64"ID, 1/2"OD, .047TH squeegee/flood bar lock down lever $0.05
FFWS10SS #10SS Flat washer 13/16"ID, 7/16"OD, .032TH squeegee/flood bar lock down lever $0.05
FHB14206 (3008003) 1/4"-20x5/8" Hex bolt squeegee/flood bar angle adjustment GT-all $0.10
FHB381615 (3008005) 3/8"-16x1 1/2" Hex bolt full thread for flash mount to head GT-all $0.25
FHN00632 6-32 Hex nut for cabinet panel screw $0.05
FHN01213 (3013027) 1/2"-13 Hex nut-head and arm mounting bolts GT-all $0.10
FHN01220 (3013002) 1/2"-20 Hex nut-screen holder mounting rods GT-all $0.15
FHN03816 (3013007) 3/8"-16 Hex nut $0.10
FHN3824 (3013008) 3/8"-24 Hex nut $0.10
FHN71620 (3013012) 7/16"-20 Hex nut grade 5-registration bearings [RA-44 rod aligner] GT-all $0.15
FJN01220 (3013023) 1/2"-20 Jam nut-screen holder mounting rod GT-all $0.20
FJN01428 (3013005) 1/4"-28 Jam nut for chopper shaft GT-all $0.05
FJN03816 (3013014) 3/8"-16 Jam nut $0.10
FJN03824 (3013015) 3/8"-24 Jam nut-pallet leveling $0.10
FJN51624 (3013032) 5/16"-24 Jam nut $0.10
FJN71620 7/16"-20 Jam nut grade 5 [RA-44 rod aligner] GT-all $0.20
FLN01024 (3012002) 10-24 Nylon lock nut $0.10
FLN01420 (3012000) 1/4"-20 Nylon lock nut $0.10
FLW00014 (3022001) 1/4" Lock washer $0.03
FLW00038 (3022002) 3/8" Lock washer $0.05
FLW00716 7/16" Lock washer $0.10
FPS63278 (3005008) 6-32x7/8" Round head prox screw GT-all $0.05
FRE1428F (3034002) 1/4"-28 Female rod end-Chopper cylinder rod GT-all $5.50
FRE3824F (3034002) 3/8"-24 Female rod end-Micro adjustment GT-all $7.00
FRE3824ML (3034003L) 3/8"-24 Male rod end long stud w/nut-Micro pivot GT-all $7.00
FRE3824MS (3034003S) 3/8"-24 Male rod end short stud w/nut -Micro pivot GT-all $7.00
FRE5624F (3034001) 5/16"-24 Female rod end-Stroke & Capture fork cylinder rod GT-all $7.00
FRE5624FU (3034001) 5/16"-24 Female ultra strength rod end-Capture fork cylinger rod GT-all $16.00
FRG0058S - Grommet 5/8"Hx1/8"GWDx7/8"G diameter $0.40
FRG0932AL Grommet 9/32"Hx5/32"GWDx3/8"G diameter $0.25
FRG1764AL Grommet 17/64"Hx1/8"GWDx13/32"G diameter [chopper airlines through carriage top plate] HTP131RA $0.25
FRS63212 (3004002) 6-32x1/2" Pan head cabinet screw $0.10
FRS83212 8-32x1/2" Pan head cabinet screw-for enlarged holes $0.10
FSB01434 (3006002) 1/4"x3/4"x10-24 Pivot mount shoulder bolt for flip-up screen holder $1.50
FSB03834 (3006009) 3/8"x3/4" shoulder bolt $2.00
FSB1458A 1/4"x5/8"x10-24 shoulder bolt w/nut and washers [chopper cylinder connection to mounting bar] GT-all $2.00
FSB51634 (3006010) 5/16"x3/4"x1/4"-20 shoulder bolt [stroke cylinder rod end attachment] GT-all $1.25
FSB51614A (3006015A) 5/16"X1 1/4"X1/4"-20 Shoulder bolt w/nut [clevis fork rod end attachment] GT-all, GTII $2.00
FSPN3816 - 3/8"-16 tapered set nut for Central-Off-Contact spring plunger GT-all $2.00
FSR00025 (3024015) 1/4" external snap ring [chopper cylinder to bar attachment] GT-all $0.15
FSR15625 (3024000) 1 9/16" Internal snap ring [index pillow block bushing retainer] GT-all $0.75
FSS14114 (3007007) 1/4"-20x1 1/4" set screw [flip up screen holder lockdown] GT-all w/flip-up head $0.50
FSS71620 7/16"-20x1 3/4" attachment set screw [RA-44 to index cylinder] GT-all $2.00
FSW02153 (9102153) Spherical washer for pallet leveling GT-all, GTII $1.50
FTI03816 (9012111) 3/8"-16IDx9/16"-12OD [threaded insert for repairing stripped-out holes] (use 31/64" or 1/2" drill bit w/red loctite on outer threads) $1.25
FWL3816S (3003003) 3/8"-16x1" Whiz lock-index and arm attachment GT-all, GTII $0.60
HAB0109A (8080109) Bar adjuster [chopper cylinder to top plate adjuster] GT-all (improved-additional threaded hole added 180 degrees across)

TIP: Coat center threads with anti-siege compound to eliminate cross threading of HBS3816A shaft.
HBS00250 (8010013) Barbed clamp stud 3/8"-16x2.5" ALL $6.00
HBS7516A (9161005) Head bumper shock. Made of Elastomer which outlasts polyurethane bumpers and chemical resistant. Fits all with air drive heads. Use old shock jam nut to mount bumper. $23.50
HCA3816A Top plate chopper adjustment knob and stud $9.00
HCP14X1A Chopper pin w/snap ring for cylinder to bar adjuster connection GT-all $1.50
HCS0250A Barbed end clamp stud w/knob and cup washer 3/8"-16x2 1/2" GT-all, GTII $11.50
HCW40217 (8010005) Cup washer-foot pad for screen lockdown and squeegee clamp GT-all, GTII $1.00
HCXGFM11 CXG flash mount to head $10.00
HCXUFQRT PRESS TECH quick release mounting tubes for Omni-Uni flash w/bolts GT-all $10.00
HEPF03GT (8050103) Front head carriage end plate with top and bottom screws GT, GTS $58.00
HEPR04GT (8050104) Rear head carriage end plate with top screws GT, GTS $61.00
HHS75045 (3025002) Head shock 3/4"-16x3" GT-all, GTII $57.00
HLB160HD (3023007)      Thomson First in Linear Motion and Control Technology1" Heavy Duty stainless steel linear ball bearing for carriage slide rail "will last longer than original" CH, CHII 57.00 
HMA0056A (8090056) Micro adjuster-4" long (left/right) GT-all, GTII $8.50
HMA057A (8090057) Micro adjuster-3.25" long (up/down) GT-all, GTII $8.00
HMLW0132 (8090132) Micro lockdown washer GT-all, GTII $7.75
HOS1201A (8090034L) Spacer for off contact adjustment rods SS 1/2"x1" lower GT-all $2.50
HOS12060 (8080156) Off contact stud 1/2"-12x6" rear GT-all $5.00
HOS12070 (9071104-1) Off contact stud 1/2"-20x7" front GT-all $5.50
HOS1234A (8090034) Spacer for off contact adjustment rods SS 1/2"x3/4" upper GT-all $2.25
HPM80143 (8080143) Hanger bracket mount (pivot) for flip-up screen holder GT $24.50
HSB77K63   Neoprene shock bumper-medium replacement for HBS7516A $4.50
HSH1712M 17" Re-built screen holder, 1/2" mounting holes, steel threaded inserts, new manual lockdown knobs w/foot pads (EXCHANGE ONLY) later GT-all $25.00
HSH1738M 17" Re-built screen holder, 3/8" mounting holes, steel threaded inserts, new manual lockdown knobs w/foot pads (EXCHANGE ONLY) early GT $25.00
HSL903FS Flood Speed/Squeegee Speed labels (7009001 Flood) (7009005 Squeegee) GT-all $1.25
HSPXREPR Repair broken flip-up screen holder (steel) with reinforcing straps for added strength to eliminate future breaks. (REPAIRED PLATE ON THE RIGHT) [ NOT A STOCKING ITEM] $37.50
HTP00130 (8090130) Head top plate w/air lock holes GT-all $8.00
HTP045LA (8090045) Carriage chopper adjustment top plate assembly GT-all, both sides [except GTR-M which right side uses HTP131RA]

TIP: Coat threads with anti-siege compound to eliminate cross threading of HAB0109A
HTP131RA (8090131) Carriage chopper adjustment top plate assembly GTR-M 10/93 and later, right side

TIP: Coat threads with anti-siege compound to eliminate cross threading of HAB0109A
KEKABD3B   E-stop mushroom knob push/push for EESAO100IDEC $8.50
KEKAYW4B - E-stop knob push/pull for AYW400IDEC $0.00
KFL1420F (3033016) Flip-up screen holder lockdown lever 1/4"-20 GT-all $6.00
KFL1420M (3032004) Flip-up screen holder lockdown lever 1/4"-20x.78" stud GTS-late (used without stud mounted) $6.00
KML3816F (3032001) Micro lockdown lever 3/8"-16 GT-all, GTII $8.00
KOC1220H (3033007) Off-contact adjustment/lockdown knob 1/2"-20 GT-all $5.50
KOC3824H (3033004) Off-contact adjustment/lockdown knob 3/8"-24 GT-early $3.50
KRSP3090 (3033090) Head retractable spring plunger 1/2-13x.875 for flip-up screen holder GTRS,GTII $12.00
KSA5618MM (3032002)   Stroke adjustment/rear screen holder adjustment lever 5/16"-18 GTR-M, GTII $8.00
KSC3816K (3033001) Squeegee clamp knob GT-all, GTII Davies $4.00
KSL1032ML (3032000L) SQ/FB adjustment lockdown lever 'must use washers FFWM10SS and/or FFWS10SS' GT-early $7.50
KSL1032MM (3022000M) SQ/FB adjustment lockdown lever 'must use washers FFWM10SS and/or FFWS10SS' GT-all $7.50
KSL1032MS (3022000) SQ/FB adjustment lockdown lever GT-all $7.50
KSSL00BW Selector switch lever (test/single/double) GTS8-O, GT-O IDEC $5.50
LUB930AA (7018017) White lithium grease 14 1/2 oz cartriage $6.50
LUBLTF02 Tri-Flow w/teflon liquid lubricant 2 oz bottle-excellent for valves and cylinders to displace water and sticky components. WD-40 is a cutting agent and harmful to pneumatic components. $4.75
OIL70000 (7017000)   10 wt Non-detergent oil 1 qt $4.50
PAL075SK Seal kit for air lock screen clamps $9.50
PAL09023 (2009023) Air lock cylinder w/screw thread end of shaft along with a back-up washer (FFWS10SS) to eliminate puncture through foot pad GT-all $41.00
PAL09023B (2009023B) Air lock cylinder w/barb end of shaft (FFWS10SS will work on this application also to eliminate puncture of foot pad) GT-all $41.00
PAL0MTV4 (2018011) Air lock switch valve 5/32" ports GT-all, GTII Clippard Minimatic $26.00
PAM00014 (2014000) Muffler 1/4" pipe $3.00
PAM00018 (2014002) Muffler 1/8" pipe $2.50
PAM00038 (2014001) Muffler 3/8" pipe $4.00
PAT00012 (2001003) 1/2" Air tubing per ft. $0.25
PAT00014 (2001000) 1/4" Air tubing per ft. $0.15
PAT00516 (2001002) 5/16" Air tubing per ft. $0.15
PAT00532 (2001001) 5/32" Air tubing per ft. $0.15
PBB14X18 Bushing 1/4" male pipe x 1/8" female pipe $0.60
PBF0012U   1/2" UNION $5.00
PBF0014P (2003027)   1/4" AIR PLUG $1.00
PBF0014U (2003022)   1/4" UNION $3.00
PBF0038P (2003042)   3/8" AIR PLUG $1.50
PBF0038U (2003060) 3/8" UNION $4.00
PBF014UT (2003021)   1/4" UNION TEE $3.75
PBF014UY (2003024)   1/4" UNION Y $4.50
PBF038UT (2003036) 3/8" UNION TEE $5.50
PBF038UY   3/8" UNION Y $8.00
PBF0516P 5/16" Air plug $1.20
PBF0532P (2003018) 5/32" Air plug $0.75
PBF06P0M Manifold 5/32" outlet ports x 5/16" inlet ports [used for adapting air lock system on earlier] GT's $20.50
PBF012UT   1/2" Union tee $6.00
PBF1238E (2003008) 1/2" tube x 3/8" pipe ELBOW $4.50
PBF1238S (2003003) 1/2" tube x 3/8" pipe STRAIGHT $4.00
PBF1238T 1/2' tube x 3/8" pipe TEE $0.00
PBF1414C (2010100) 1/4" tube cartridge $5.00
PBF1414E (2003011) 1/4" tube x 1/4" pipe ELBOW $2.75
PBF1414S (2003015) 1/4" tube x 1/4" pipe STRAIGHT $2.25
PBF1414T 1/4" tube x 1/4" pipe TEE $0.00
PBF1418E (2003005) 1/4" tube x 1/8" pipe ELBOW $2.50
PBF1418SS (2003001) 1/4" tube x 1/8" pipe STRAIGHT $3.00
PBF1418T (2003028) 1/4" tube x 1/8" pipe TEE $0.00
PBF51614R 5/16" tube into 1/4" tube REDUCER $3.50
PBF14532R   5/32" tube into 1/4" tube REDUCER $2.00
PBF3812T   3/8" tube x 1/2" pipe TEE $0.00
PBF3814E (2003013) 3/8" tube x 1/4" pipe ELBOW $4.00
PBF3814S 3/8" tube x 1/4" pipe STRAIGHT $3.50
PBF3814T 3/8" tube x 1/4" pipe TEE $5.80
PBF3838E (2003009) 3/8" tube x 3/8" pipe ELBOW $4.75
PBF3838S 3/8" tube x 3/8" pipe STRAIGHT $3.50
PBF3838T 3/8" tube x 3/8" pipe TEE $7.25
PBF5321E (2003031) 5/32" tube x 10-32 pipe ELBOW (air locks) GT-all, GTII $2.50
PBF5321S (2003023) 5/32" tube x 10-32 pipe STRAIGHT (air locks) GT-all, GTII $2.00
PBF5322BY (2003034) 5/32" tube x 1/8" pipe BRANCH UNION Y $4.50
PBF5322D 5/32" tube x 1/8" pipe DELTA UNION [Simple alternative to the lower bulky distribution brass fitting on early chopper cylinders] GT-all-early $4.00
PBF5322E (2003004) 5/32" tube x 1/8" pipe ELBOW (chopper) GT-all $3.75
PBF5322S (2003000) 5/32" tube x 1/8" pipe STRAIGHT $2.50
PBF532BT 5/32" tube x 1/8" pipe TEE $3.50
PBF532GT 5/32" tube x 1/8" pipe TEE [Simple alternative to the upper bulky supply brass fitting on early chopper cylinders] GT-all-early $3.50
PBF532UB (2003019) 5/32" tube UNION-black $2.25
PBF532UG (2003019) 5/32" tube UNION-gray $2.25
PBF532UT (2003021) 5/32" tube UNION TEE $3.00
PBF532UY (2003024) 5/32" tube UNION Y $4.75
PCC0751A (2009014) 3/4"x1" SS Chopper cylinder w/snap ring GT-all SMC $24.00
PCC0881A 7/8"x1" SS Chopper cylinder w/snap ring GT-all [Ideal for additional pressure control for squeegee on earlier GT's without alteration] SMC $27.00
PCC1061A (2009094) 1-1/16"x1" SS Chopper cylinder w/snap ring GT-allSMC $33.50
PCEXPL14 1/4" External snap ring pliers for chopper cyl $15.00
PCF0200C (2009015) 1 1/16"x2" SS Capture fork cylinder w/buna N bumpers inside GT-all Bimba $63.00
PCF0300C (2009016) 1 1/16"x3" SS Capture fork cylinder w/buna N bumpers inside GTRS, GTIIBimba $65.00
PDIC061 (2009031) 1-1/16"x1" SS Double index lock cylinder GTII $33.50
PDMSQF3 Air dump muffler 3/8" pipe $7.75
PDV0055B (2010018) 55B-12-PE-111CA dump valve 110VAC 2-wire GTR-MMAC $72.00
PEP45001 45A valve end plate kit w/screwsMAC $15.00
PFC00003 (2012027) 3/8" pipe flow control muffler for 2.5" index cylinder valve GT-all air index $19.00
PFC018PK (2018001) 1/8" pipe speed control valve for stroke speed, lift speed and capture fork speed GTall,GTII Flairline $27.50
PFC038PK (2018000) 3/8" pipe speed control valve for lift speed GTII Flairline $33.50
PICPH08S (2009362) Index cyl 100mm bore x 8" stroke ML300097 (EXCHANGE) GTRS 6/8PHD Solutions for Industrial Automation $836.00
PICPH10S (2009357) SEE PICTURE ABOVE Index cyl 100mm bore x 7.164" stroke ML300125 (EXCHANGE) GTRS 8/10PHD Solutions for Industrial Automation $836.00
PICPH12S (2009356) SEE PICTURE ABOVE Index cyl 100mm bore x 6" stroke ML-300126 (EXCHANGE) GTRS 10/12PHD Solutions for Industrial Automation $836.00
PIR21030 (2019071) Dial-Air index regulator R21-03-000 GTRSWilkerson $96.00
PIV0721C (2011003) 721C-12-PI-111-JD index valve for Tolomatic cylinder GT-all early air indexMAC $125.00
PIV55BAC Index valve 55B-12-PI-111-JM 110VAC internal pilot for new Schrader replacement index cyl GTMAC $72.00
PIV55BDC (2010073) Index valve 55B-12-PI-591-JM 24VDC internal pilot GTRSMAC $72.00
PLC325X2 (2009000) Lift cyl 3.25" bore x 2" stroke TRD MF1-3.25X2-HC (exchange) GT,GTRSTRD Manufacturing A Bimba Company $247.00
PLV0711C (2011002) 711C-12-PI-111-JD lift valve GT-allMAC $70.00
PLV6311D (2011001) 6311D-211-PM-111DA lift valve wo/base GTIIMAC $135.00
PMC08SGR (2009040) see PSC08SGT for new replacement obsolete
PMC10SGR (2009005) Mosier/Norgren index cyl 2.5"x8" S-A00590 obsolete
PMC34302U (2012013) USED Mosier index cylinder stem coil 110V GT-all w/Mosier or Norgren index cylinderNorgen $25.00
PMG09834 Mosier valve to manifold gasket 2.5" index cylinderNorgen $3.75
P     obsolete
PMN51624(2012013A) Mosier/Norgren stem knurl nut for holding coil onto stemNorgen $5.00
PMR0020A (2019004) Mini-regulator 1/4" pipe ports w/bushing for gauge mounting [w/o gauge] GT-all, GTII SMC $18.00
PMS07110U (2017110) Used Mosier stem for coil mount on 2.5" Mosier/Norgren index cylinder GT-all w/Mosier index Norgen $35.00
PMSO0013 Supply tube o-ring (013) for 2.5" Mosier/Norgren index cylinder $0.50
PMWOS516 Mosier wavy stem washer to retain knurl nut onto stem Norgen $2.00
PNF3161G 50 micro filter cartridge for B08 water trapNorgen $8.00
PNG00684 (2007118) 1/8" pipe drain cock for FLR drains GT-all $2.50
PNG02796 (2017117) Nylon drain insert & o-ring for B08/L08 & B12/L12 drain ports GT-allNorgen $4.50
PNG02797 (2007119) Nylon insert nut for #PNG02796 GT-all Norgen $2.00
PNG05055 Oil dome assembly for Norgren L08 lubricator GT-allNorgen $39.00
PNG53L08 (2017133) B08/L08 lubricator oil fill cap-aluminum GT-all Norgen $4.00
PNG706TK B08/L08 site tube o-ring kitNorgen $2.00
PNGOR132 B08/L08 bowl o-ring (132)Norgen $1.00
PPF014HP 1/4" pipe hex allen steel drain plug $0.50
PPF014SP (2006000) 1/4" pipe square head steel drain plug $0.50
PPF018SP 1/8" pipe square head steel plug $0.40
PPF038SP 3/8" pipe square head steel plug $0.50
PPG16014 (2019003) 0-160# 1/4" NPT rear mount pressure gauge 2" dial GT-all $9.00
PPG16018 0-160# 1/8" NPT rear mount pressure gauge 1.5" dial GT-all $11.00
PPG20014 - 0-200# 1/4" NPT pressure gauge 2" dial GT-all $0.00
PPS0055B (2010018) Pilot/solenoid PED-111CA 2-wire for 55B-12-PE-111CA valve GTR-MMAC $40.00
PPS111JM (2017026A) Pilot/solenoid valve PID-111JM for 711C-12-PI-111JD & 721C-12-PI-111JD valves GT-allMAC $46.00
PPS35024 45A end plate assembly screwMAC $2.00
PQE03340 (2015000) Quick release air valve 3/8" ports for Tolomatic index cylinder GT-air index early $32.00
PRA00044 (2012021) AC437 rod aligner 7/16"-20 used to connect index cylinder to index slide plate GT-all w/Mosier index cylinder. Use 16mm wrench on flats $80.00
PSC01900 (2009013) Stroke cylinder 1 1/16"x19" Stainless Steel GT6SMC $75.00
PSC02100 (2009065) Stroke cylinder 1 1/16"x21" Stainless Steel GT8 {will work in place of 2009086}SMC $80.00
PSD00VM4 (2021018) SMC VM4 squeegee dump valve GTS-late  $41.00
PSC08SGT (2009040) Comes with individual replaceable valves. EXCHANGE ONLY FOR OLD MOSIER, $350Schrader Bellows REFUNDABLE CORE CHARGE [state table travel direction when ordering] GT-all w/air drive [system must be free of moisture for 60 day warranty] price doesn't include core charge
PSC10SGT (2009005) NEW replacement index rod cylinder for GT 8/10 fully dressed ready to mount. 2.5"boreSchrader Bellows x 6.5"stroke equal to S-A00589. Comes with individual replaceable valves. EXCHANGE ONLY FOR OLD MOSIER, $350 REFUNDABLE CORE CHARGE [state table travel direction when ordering] GT-all w/air drive [system must be free of moisture for 60 day warranty] price doesn't include core charge
PSC0AS21 (2009355)   Stroke cyl 1 1/8" bore x 21" stroke Aluminum (re-build able) GTRSSMC $136.00
PSFLR012 (2020000) 1/2" port filter/regulator/lubricator w/automatic water drain wo/gauge GT-all, GTII (A very good FLR with easy maintenance and virtually free from water contamination in the lubricator)SMC $185.00
PLP0J1KD (2017028) 1KD lighted coil plug for 45A valves GT-all, GTIIMAC $7.50
PSV0045A (2017030) 45A stroke/squeegee valve 45A-SA1-DAAJ-1KA GT-all, GTIIMAC $43.00
PSV2151K (2010071) Stroke valve or squeegee/flood bar valve VQZ2151K-5LO-X64 GTRSSMC $64.00
PSVB4506 (2012000) 6 color squeegee valve block assembly 6-45A type GTR6/8MAC $300.00
PSV4506C 6 color squeegee valve block assembly 6-45A complete w/fittings GTR6/8MAC $360.00
PSVB4507 (2012005) 6 color stroke valve block assembly 7-45A type GT 6/8-allMAC $350.00
PSVB4508 (2012002) 8 color squeegee valve block assembly 8-45A type GTR8/10MAC $400.00
PSVB4508C 8 color squeegee valve block assembly 8-45A complete w/fittings GTR8/10MAC $480.00
PSVB4508RC 6 color Revolver stroke valve block assembly 8-45A type complete w/fittings, excluding fork control valves GTR6/10MAC $545.00
PSVB4509 (2012006) 8 color stroke valve block assembly 9-45A type GT8/10-allMAC $450.00
PSVB4509C 8 color stroke valve block assembly 9-45A type complete w/fittings, excluding fork control valves GT8/10-allMAC $590.00
PTB01022 50mm Tolomatic index cylinder bearing rod GT-all Tolomatic index cylinder $23.00
PTC01008 50mm old style-Tolomatic end cap on index cylinder GT-all early w/air index $12.00
PTS14205 1/4'-20x1/2" Low head cap screw for 50mm end cap $0.50
PTS51658 5/16"-18x5/8" BHC screw for 50mm end cap $0.75
PLVB6311 Valve base 6311D-211 for 6311D-211-PM-111DA lift valve GTIIMAC $38.00
PVS0045A (2017023) 45A Coil (solenoid) DAAJ-1KJ GT-all,GTIIMAC $22.00
PPS225SC Valve solenoid/coil for #PSV2151K VV5Q225-02N7TC (X165) GTRSSMC $24.00
STROKER GT stoke adjustment designed and built by PRESS TECH to allow the capability of stroke adjustment for older Gauntlets that did not come with stroke adjusment. It comes with a shock and removable flag to trigger the prox switch.

135.00 w/bumper shock
STROKFLG STROKER prox flag $6.50
STRKLEVR STROKER lockdown lever and shaft $9.00
SVF5X6GT GT vent filter kit. Easy to keep lint from building up on vent louvers. Comes with velcro strips and 4 pre-cut foam filters. $4.00
TGF0018S (2003055) 1/8" pipe straight grease fitting GT-all $0.75
TGF01845 (2003032) 1/8" pipe 45 degree grease fitting GT-all, GTII $1.00
TIB125SBH (3023011) CCFH 1 1/4" SB crowned index bearing w/heavey duty stud .750" on newer GTS, GTS-O, GTR-O, GTS-M, GTR-M, GTRS-M McGill $31.00
TLS03824 Pallet leveling stud 3/8"-24x1.5" to be welded in place of damaged one. GT-all $1.00
TLS80411 (8080411) Anti-lift spring for carrousel bearing race GT-all $3.75
TQR0153R (9050153A) Pallet quick release right-chromed steel GT-all, GTII-early $51.00
TQR0154L (9050154) Pallet quick release left-chromed steel GT-all. GTII-early $51.00
TRB0001S (3023010) 1" Registration bearing CF-1S GT-all, GTRSMcGill $18.50
TRF0308D (9080308D) Registration fork 1" slot GT-all $56.00
ZBAR0GTS (9080312F) Registration bar (Z-bar) top bar-11",vertical bar-6.5", lower bar-21" GTS, GT-early'91 on w/low profile pallet mounts $125.00


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